Wallpapers für Smashing Magazine

logoAuf Smashing Magazine werden monatlich Desktop-Wallpaper-Kalender veröffentlicht. Und es wird zum Mitmachen aufgefordert! Also los, ich will österreichische Kalender sehen.

Zu den Richtlinien:

You have some excellent ideas for a desktop wallpaper? We are genuinely curious what you’ll come up with. Please consider the following guidelines:

  1. choose any theme you like — typography, art, abstract, illustration, photography — it’s up to you,
  2. design a wallpaper in 4 resolutions — widescreen: 1920×1200, 1680×1050 and fullscreen: 1600×1200 and 1280×960 px,
  3. design wallpapers in two versions: the ones which contain a calendar for theupcoming month (in March only wallpapers with April calendars will be accepted) and the ones which don’t contain it (so the wallpapers remain useful even years after they’ve been released),
  4. the calendar should be in English,
  5. make sure the wallpapers contain a Smashing Magazine logo (.zip, updated, 0.68 Mb) which is clearly visible on all wallpapers,
  6. you may also place your logo on the wallpaper if you want to,
  7. write a brief description of the wallpaper, the motivation behind the design, the country you come from and your URL,
  8. name your files according to the format “monthyear-title_of_the_theme-[calendar/nocal]-resolution.[jpg/png]“. Examples: “october08-sad-autumn-calendar-1680×1050.jpg” (with calendar) and “october08-sad-autumn-nocal-1680×1050.jpg”(without calendar). Files with wrong file names will be removed!
  9. send the e-mail with your wallpapers at the latest two days before the end of a month at contest@smashingmagazine.com with the subject “[Desktop Wallpaper Calendar] Month, Theme_title”,
  10. wallpapers which will be featured in our magazine will be available for free download and will contain a link to the artist’s blog or portfolio.

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