Tipps im Umgang mit Kunden

Auf GomediaZine bin ich über einen interessanten Artikel gestolpert. Es geht um den Umgang mit Kunden, um Verträge und Fehler, die man vermeiden kann. Gerade für Freelancer und Selbstständige sind hier wertvolle Tipps dabei! 

Titel des Artikels: Don’t Be A Whore!

10 Tips to help designers avoid being taken advantage of.

If you’re freelancing or just starting your own design company, you may be in jeopardy of being a whore. That’s right. Some seemingly sweet client may come along, wine and dine you, bend you over the back of the couch, have their way with you – then dump you like last week’s trash without paying you. You may be getting pimped right now and don’t even realize it. If you haven’t been stiffed by a client yet – just wait five minutes.

After 11 years in business I feel like I’ve learned to spot the busters and know how to avoid them. But, I’m still learning lessons every day. Here are ten quick rules for you to live by, so hopefully YOU won’t get “turned out.” After all, nobody wants to be a design whore.