neues Adobe Forum

Das neue Adobe Forum ist seit gestern offiziell online: adobe-forums

Details zu den Neuerungen gibts u.a. bei John Nack:

Notable highlights:

  • Integration of Adobe ID for true single sign-on to all forums
  • Updated look and feel, more consistent with other forum systems
  • Email participation, including starting a new discussion and alerts
  • RSS feeds for many parts of the forum (topics, users, announcements, etc.)
  • Improved moderation capabilities (hosts can delete inappropriate content)
  • Rich text options: inline images and videos, file attachments, code samples
  • Improved search capabilities:
    • Wildcard searches (Multiple or single character)
    • Fuzzy Search (e.g. searching for „foam“ also retrieves „roams“)
    • Proximity, weighting, date range, specific user