Dear Adobe:

Auf Dear Adobe kann man eine Nachricht an Adobe senden… und lesen was sich andere so wünschen!

Please make Flex Builder perform as good on Windows as it does on a Mac.

merge fireworks and photoshop

Let us change ALL defaults of Layer Styles. Nobody wants a red stroke as a default. [wurde mit CS4 erledigt!]

why do you charge so much???

Clone tool I love thee!

Please, make a linux version of Photoshop. There a lot of CG and VFX makers who use a linux pipeline!

2 mask in just 1 layer

Different layout sizes in the same id doc

Please let me have the functionality of InDesign CS3 contact sheets in CS4 – that thing in Bridge CS4 is too limited. [ist sogar schöner möglich in CS4]

Lower your prices

Please read this website.