what the font

WhatTheFont ist ein Servicem mit dem man Schriften suchen kann, die nur als Grafik vorliegen. Man lädt einfach einen repräsentativen Ausschnitt der Schrift als Bilddatei auf die Seite und erhält eine Liste an Vorschlägen, welche Schrift die verwendete sein könnte.

Tips for optimal results:

  • – Try to get the text as horizontal as possible.
  • – Letters should be around 100 pixels tall in your image
  • – Make sure letters aren’t touching each other.

Image suggestions

The number of characters in your scanned image makes a significant difference in the accuracy of the search results.

Max components (characters): 50

If you are identifying a font that is very similar to others:

use as many characters as possible or a total of 23 andl use characters that are unique to this font

If possible, space the characters apart more than normal

Max image size is 400,000 pixels (width x height)

ideal max. size of the containing NO descenders:

120 pixels x 1666 pixels

ideal max. size of file containing descenders:

160 pixels x 1250 pixels

Scan images at 300 dpi

Best file format: Tiff, Grayscale, 300 dpi