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Monat: August 2010


10 ways to overcome artist’s block

10 ways to overcome artist’s block and get your mind back to creative spot. It’s very common, but devastating moment for an artist to feel they’ve lost their inspiration, to encounter a creative block. But suffering from artist’s block doesn’t mean you’ve lost your imagination or ability to execute cool stuff. Good news is, over…

This Week in InDesign Articles Nr37

People use InDesign to set type in all directions: left to right, right to left, top-to-bottom, and even inside-to-outside (that’s used mostly for transcendental texts, of course). But however you set text and graphics, there’s always more to learn. Here’s some links that can help… This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 37 | InDesignSecrets Sehr…

Michael Osterman

Flickr: Fotostream von Michael Ostermann


Ein paar Details meines neuen Bikes: GIANT STP0 2009 Diese Wochenende habe ich viele Stunden darauf verbracht!Gekauft natürlich bei Armadillos in Altmünster.

it – navigator

Diese Woche habe ich mein aktuellstes Druckwerk zum ersten Mal in Händen gehalten: den WIFI it – navigator.Das war ein sehr interessantes Projekt, dass ich mit Lydia Stuchlik fürs WIFI umgesetzt habe. Wir begleiteten es von Anfang (Ideenfindung & Konzeption) über die Fotoideen und die Fotoshootings bis zur Gestaltung & Umsetzung. Die technische und gestalterische…

Fotostream von Thomas Shahan

Geniale Makrofotografie!Was mir spontan dazu einfällt: Du bist ja voll Laser…

Wooden Mirror

Geniales Ding. Wooden Mirror, by artist Daniel Rozin:

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version – Official

King Henry Bar Print Ad 4

King Henry Bar Print Ad 4 @ MD|flickr by Nikiforos Kollaros

Photoshop Express – neu!

With Adobe® Photoshop® Express online apps, it takes no time at all to make good photos look great and great photos look amazing—and then show them off via web galleries and favorite sharing sites. Plus, you can keep your photos well-organized and safely backed up. link: | Tools Neue überarbeitete Version vom “Online-Photoshop”: Photoshop…

34 großartige PS Tutorials

This time we are bringing you a lot of Photoshop tutorials on all sorts of topics. It’s meant to be a good collection for those who aren’t quite pro yet, but want to be. From making amazing business cards to bringing a stone statue to life, these take us through hours and hours of practicing…

TwitterLink broken

Seit ein paar Tagen ist meine Twitter-Verlinkung hierher zum Blog defekt; d.h. es werden hier meine Tweets nicht mehr täglich am Abend zusammengefasst gepostet. Das entsprechende Plugin (Forumspost) hat sich bei mir und einigen anderen verabschiedet.Bis es wieder so weit ist, kann ich euch nur empfehlen mir direkt auf Twitter zu folgen und/oder meinen Twitter-RSS-Feed…


liberte-se @ MD|flickr by Malu Oliveira

e-Commerce Produkt Fotografie

@Smashing Magazine Product photography could well be the single most important design aspect of any e-commerce website. Without the ability to touch, hold, smell, taste or otherwise handle the products they are interested in, potential customers have only images to interact with. Ultimately, the softer, tastier, flashier and more attractive your products look to shoppers,…

STS-124 Launch w/ Sound

Video from one of the solid rocket boosters facing the intertank (middle part of external tank). Not too much going on, except the weird noises of the tank draining, until booster seperation. At the end, the camera switches to a view looking straight up so you can see the parachute deployment. The launch clock is…

RAW Camera Calibration – ColorChecker

…This week we’re going to take a look at the Camera Calibration panel. There’s a few different things you can do here from customizing color based on your camera to using a color target. Also, there’s a couple of things I mentioned in the video. First, here’s the link to the article from Eric Chan…

P50 2010 Day #28 Setup Video

“Making of” oder “behind the scenes” des 50 days, 50 photos, 50mm Projektes.Auch die anderen Videos anschauen, sehr interessant!

50 days, 50 photos, 50mm

Yesterday I completed my second Project 50. For those that don’t know Project 50 consists of 50 photos over 50 sequential days taken with a 50mm lens. That’s a lot of 50s, right? So yeah, started on the 1st of July & fifty days later I was done! A lot of you know that last…

Encapsulated NatureScript

Encapsulated NatureScript @ MD|flickr by Paulo Roberto Dgráfico

30 hilarious Print Advertisments

Most people hate adverts. Intrusive, deceptive and boring are just three adjectives commonly used to describe advertising and its omnipresence in modern society. Say what you like about the 30 hilarious print ads below, however, boring they certainly are not! link: 30 More Hilarious Print Advertisements | SpyreStudios Diese Werbungen sind wirklich mehr als nur…

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