50 days, 50 photos, 50mm

Yesterday I completed my second Project 50. For those that don’t know Project 50 consists of 50 photos over 50 sequential days taken with a 50mm lens. That’s a lot of 50s, right? So yeah, started on the 1st of July & fifty days later I was done! A lot of you know that last year I did a photo a day for a year (See the set on flickr) you would think that fifty photos in a row must be a walk in the park. Well that would be true if I had approached it in the same way I did my 365 but for this project I wanted to keep the quality really high the whole way through.

Blogpost: Rick Nunn ~ Fifty of Fifty — 2010
MiniPage: Fifty of Fifty 2010 By Rick Nunn

Absolut geniales Projekt und grandiose Fotos! Vielleicht werde ich so etwas auch umsetzen! Wer macht mit?