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Monat: September 2010


Charles Bodi

interessante Fotos von Charles Bodi @flickr

Ricardo FX

RICARDO FX auf Flickr.

50 Extremely Awesome Examples of Typography

Typography can in todays terms be so much more than what you find in a book or magazine. It’s turned into a very inspiring form of art, and there are many great pieces out there. Many times they can be mixed with either other graphical elements or some sort of poem or saying. Here we’ve…


SATURN @ MD|flickr by Electric Lime Studio


Powerpoint has produced more bad design in its day that perhaps any other digital tool in history with the possible exception of Microsoft paint. link: 10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck: Pt.1 | Design Shack Ich stimme dem absolut zu; gerade bei Präsentationen: weniger ist mehr!

352432_1246003810_large.jpg 1600 × 992 PixelMehr davon auf


Falls man sich einmal “unkenntlich” machen muss. Ps öffnen Auswahl erstellen Filter -> Vergröberungsfilter -> Mosaikeffekt

BBC – Plants

David Attenborough explaining the challenges they had to face filming plants.COPYRIGHT BBC

IOGraph – CS5 Aufbau WIFI

Heute im WIFI Kurs CS5 Aufbau – InDesign entstanden. 8 Stunden Kurs. Der große Punkt unten links war die Mittagspause.

Custom Shaped Business Cards

Sometimes, all you need is a die-cut shape to enhance your already sexy business card design. A custom shape can make your cards more exciting to look at and allow them to stand out. See how a shape can work its wonders even on the simplest design in today’s round up of custom shaped business…

color strokes

in Photoshop ein wenig am Intuos4L gespielt.



Entstanden während ich meinen Blog gewartet habe. Werde es einmal bei Photoshop mitlaufen lassen; bin schon sehr gespannt auf die Ergebnisse. IOGraph — is an application that turns mouse movements into a modern art. The idea is that you just run it and do your usual day stuff at the computer. Go back to IOGraph…

Promotional Booklet Design

I’ve always enjoyed looking at beautiful booklets from design portfolios online. I love how a designer translates his creative vision into every page of a booklet. Sometimes, I even get carried away and imagine how the pieces would feel in my hands. I know I’m not the only one who gets excited over good promotional…

Beautiful Portraits of Straingers

Beautiful Portraits of Straingers

Party Flyer

As an invited guest, you may have felt that buzz of excitement when you were given a beautifully prepared card invite, or saw a high-impact poster announcing a big bash or event. When it’s your turn to make your intended guests feel that way for your party, you may need to get a lot of…


Retusche während des ACP Forums (Innsbruck) für den Fotografen Harald Sahling. Erstellt in Adobe Photoshop CS5 am WACOM Intuos4 L auf einem Eizo CG303W.


Gestern am ACP Forum habe ich eine ältere EIZO Werbelinie gesehen und inspiriert davon gleich ein Wallpaper gebaut: EYE LOVE EIZO. Wallpaper: 2560px x 1600px

Freedom to Love

Freedom to Love @ MD|flickr by williansanfer

Logo Design Inspiration Gallery | Daily Logo Inspiration –

Eight principles of design

Great design delivers sheer aesthetic pleasure. It sparks the imagination and inspires that “gotta have it” feeling. Great design distils an idea down to its most basic visual properties. It overcomes barriers of language and culture by being uncomplicated and uncluttered. link: Landor: Thinking: Articles: Eight principles of design

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