Creative Cloud Files

Adobe hat gerade die Anbindung in die Creative Cloud erleichtert. Mit der Adobe Creative Cloud Connection.

We’ve put a lot of effort into performance, security, and privacy of your files. We’ve also been focused on the web experience behind the Creative Cloud. Any file you place into the Creative Cloud folder on your desktop will be available at, where it’s easy to browse, get links to share publicly, and leave comments. In fact, if the files were created by one of the Creative Suite apps, you can do even more: manipulate layers on a Photoshop document, page through an InDesign file, or generate a PDF of your work to share with others.

We’ve got lots to come, as well. Up next, we’ll add even more collaboration features, including the ability to share privately with workgroups as well as browse and restore previous versions of files. We’ll also remain dedicated to making Connection as fast as it can be, especially when syncing files that are frequently updated.

Aktuell ist es sehr ähnlich zu Dropbox. Aber es wird noch wirklich spannend werden!