Jeffery Saddoris + Jean Tucker

In dieser Episode werden so viele Antworten auf Fragen gegeben die man sich heutzutage als Selbstständiger stellt – also ich zumindest.

Jeffery spricht mit Jean über Likes, Business, Youtube-Stars die sehr schnell wieder verschwinden, FotografInnen die nicht von Fotografie leben können, und viele Themen mehr aus diesem Dunstkreis.

Sehr sehr inspirierend. Und gleichzeitig sehr beruhigend, dass man mit diesen Problemen nicht alleine ist.

In my last Iteration, I was talking about social media, specifically how this year I was looking to refine or even completely redefine how I use it, personally and professionally. One of the biggest challenges for me historically has been consistency, both in terms of what I make and how I share it, and I think the bulk of the challenge comes around just how much I’m trying to do and the fact that when I look at it on paper, I end up almost feeling paralyzed by the weight of my own ideas, and as a response I don’t do anything. Sean Tucker reached out after listening to it and offered some terrific insights on how he uses social media and also some suggestions for how we can use it so it feels more like a tool and less like a distraction.

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Music in this episode: Take Me Higher (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0