AI and Photography

In this video, I show use cases for AI and photography. To start, I show where AI can be found in commonly used applications like Lightroom Classic, Capture One, and Photoshop.

Building on that, I explain how you can speed up your workflow tremendously with tools like retouch4me, autoretouch, and imagenAI. In the second major part of the video, I discuss what AI can already do in the image-generating field. Using midjourney, I show how you can have images generated. It is important to understand that no images are "masked together" here. Midjourney has learned by machine learning what constitutes a "portrait of a man". However, there are many more parameters that influence the generated image and I would like to explain this to you with simple examples. That this technology has the potential to change everything photographic, graphic and creative will become clear.

Nevertheless, I personally see this disruptive technology as a very exciting future!