Content Creation & Tutorials

My name is Martin Dörsch, I am an educator and content creator.

Through my experience and my love of experimentation, I can draw on a colorful bouquet of knowledge and know-how. My expertise is always focused on workflow and feasibility.

Many of the projects I work on myself are designed to pass on the knowledge and experience gained from the projects directly to my customers and to implement the projects with them. This way you benefit from my experience. And therefore, I can optimize your projects so that you can reach your goal more efficiently.

Because of the different areas I work in, a transfer to other areas is usually very fast and easy. This helps enormously to realize your wishes, ideas and requirements.

Learning and teaching is a central motive in my life. The experiences from this help me to provide you with new knowledge and to bring you into your own ability to act.

Who stops wanting to become better, stops being good.


video content

Bike and outdoor projects

photography content

Various photo shoots

tutorial content

Sharing my knowledge at various platforms.
This is a perfect asset for sharing your companies knowledge and reach out to other audiences.

Since 2010 I create video courses for Linkedin Learning. There are now over 70 courses on topics like Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Capture One, etc.

You can access my knowledge on creating tutorial videos on Here I have built two courses to help you free your time by sharing your knowledge.

I run my YouTube channel all around image and video editing workflows. This is my english YouTube playlist.